Przemysław “dred” Pietrzak -owner

He began his music career in 2001, when with friends, he organized first edition of the festival ROCK BEZ IGŁY in Ruda Slaska. He was stage and bands' manager.
Since then, he has worked with several bands and festivals. The most important bands for whom he has worked as permanent FOH and monitor engineer are: Afromental, Hurt, Miloopa, Marika & SpokoArmia, No Longer Music. Currently he works with My Riot.
In 2007 he established a recording studio - Magazine Studio.
Michał 'junior' Gołębiowski
One of the best Polish specialists in wireless systems. Works with TVP.

Przemysław "świeżak" Zych
Light Engineer. One of the most creative engineers.

Hubert Puchta
Technician and driver. Works with Afromental.

Mateusz "kurak" Kuraczyk
Studio sound engineer. Responsible for multi-track recording live concerts and then mixing in Magazine Studio. Also, handmade's designer pro audio equipment.

Janusz "jasiek" Patrzałek
Stage technician.


- Sound engineering (foh /monitor)
- Technical support music events
- Recording concerts
- Renting backline
- Events management

- Recording
- Mixing and mastering
- Music and sound design for movies, commercials, etc.
- Radio jingles
- Recordings voices (own bank)
- Restoration of old recordings

- Support sound film sets
- Scoring films
- Recording dubbing / voiceovers

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